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About me

Who am I?

I was a handyman in Canada. I built things for my dad and for other people for 23 years  in multiple countries.  I had  European customers as well and I had to fly to other countries to solve people’s problems. 
I was very famous because I gave something that no one could.  This was the best service ever.  I’d like to show you some some stuff I did.  I took videos of people so you can see how happy they were after I did  jobs for them.  
You can see on these pictures, what I did. I made rooms in basments for weapons, for gold and for other things…  These thing would have cost a lot normally and the people were happy that I did it for them the way they they wanted it.  For instance I made a wine cellar for someone.  I made fences in 24 hours and gardens with trees and flowers.  I was the only one who was able to do these things.  

Many people were waiting for me to do stuff for them.  They booked me online in advance.  You can also book me in and save lots of time.  In Canada I had a team I was working with.  They were very honest and they always knew what I wanted.  It took a lots of time for us to be a good team like that.
If you have any questions you can call me all week, every hour, even on Sundays too.  I’m a business man and business comes first.  Always!!  I don’t have a family. If I’m going to have one than that will come first.  If you want to call me at  10 at night beacuse you have a problem than go ahead and call me or send me an email or just book me in online.  
I worked with all kinds of materials like glass, concrete, wood, brick, plastick, gypsum, gypsum board, 30 thousand types of screws and I really know how to work with these things.
In Europe you can contact me at +361 445 4349
I Canada you can contact me at 416 484 4611 where Les The Handyman gets thing done
I’m not an average person I dream it, design it than build it.  The weird thing is that I thought that everyone can do these things.  I like design funny and interesting things which makes people happy.  Hungary needs happiness, interest, honesty and happy people.  I guess I’m the only Hungarian who doesn’t complain.  I gurantee you that you are going to look younger and live longer if you stop complaining.    Look at me I’m 57 years old but I don’t feel that I’m 57 and I don’t behave like that.  I’m also a very good photographer.
I was a fashion photographer in Canada , New York, Budapest, Paris, Toronto.  I love doing it and I’m really good at it.  
I can’t tell everyone that I’m able to do a 1000 things because they wouldn’t believe me but the truth is that I can.  I can used to be able to read 2400 words in a minute, I learn everything fast. I also designed a bicycles, machines and electric cars.  Everything is online and I will show it to you.  The most important thing is that I love it and I’m in love with what I’m doing.  Saving people time is what I am doing now with  my EZbookingSystem

Leslie Bubik 

C.E.O. Total Mizers Ltd. Canada  Les the Handyman

LES the Handyman